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Barton Gold Holdings Limited (ASX: BGD) has signed binding terms with SensOre Ltd for an exclusive R&D investment partnership across the central Gawler Craton in South Australia.

Barton and SensOre are collaborating to adapt its Western Australian artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) DPT targeting engine to South Australia. With the execution of binding terms the team is now commencing Phase 2 development and validation of a South Australian DPT targeting model, focused on gold and copper mineralisation within a ~60,000 sq. km area surrounding Barton’s tenements.

We are excited to be taking the next step toward the development and trial application of these technologies in the central Gawler Craton. This is a very richly mineralised domain with relatively low historical exploration,” Barton Gold MD, Alex Scanlon, said.

“SensOre is on the cutting edge of new mineral exploration technologies and is an ideal partner for Barton. Successful development of this technology is expected to accelerate Barton’s regional exploration successes, and further strengthen Barton’s regional strategic development advantage in the central Gawler Craton.”

SensOre CEO, Richard Taylor, said that with Phase 1 analyses indicating a large number of potential gold and copper targets across Barton’s tenements and the surrounding central Gawler Craton, SensOre is excited to move to the next stage of this partnership.

“SensOre is an active mining technology group partnering on ground which it has evaluated using its proprietary data and technologies. We are very happy to be working with a development team of Barton’s calibre to leverage their significant existing development platform of 1.1Moz Au in a richly mineralised, but underexplored, domain.

“We anticipate that the combination of Barton’s existing mineralisation, its ownership of the region’s only gold mill, and the upside potential of our machine learning applications will present exciting future opportunities.”

Under the R&D Partnership, Barton has already contributed $45,000 to the development of Phase 1 regional prospectivity mapping, which has identified multiple prospective new gold and copper targets on Barton’s tenements, and across the surrounding 60,000 sq. km central Gawler Craton.2

With the commencement of Phase 2 works, Barton will contribute up to a further $350,000 to development of DPT in the central Gawler Craton. Barton will also provide its extensive private data sets for integration into a South Australian ‘data cube’ to refine, and then drill validate, the DPT targeting model.

Further to the terms of agreement:

  • Barton will be entitled to 10 years’ exclusive use of the South Australian DPT module for gold and copper within an initial ~60,000km2 area indicated by the white polygon in Figure 1, during which time SensOre will also not compete with Barton to acquire gold or copper targets therein; and
  • Subject to the successful production of gold and/or copper mineralisation at new targets predicted by the South Australian DPT module, SensOre will become entitled to additional benefits in the form of royalties linked to the quantum of gold and copper produced.

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