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Colin Hay

Buxton Resources ( ASX:BUX) has defined several new EM plates with conductance levels up to 10,000 Siemens in results from a second ground Moving Loop Electro-Magnetic (MLEM) survey recently completed at the Narryer Project.

The recent MLEM survey followed-up nickel and copper soil geochemical anomalies around 2 km south from the Ranger Prospect, where IGO had previously undertaken a MLEM survey.

Soil anomalies at both Ranger and Oculus are subdued by a strong transported component, and hence metal levels are low. Nevertheless, the Oculus results represent the most coherent and anomalous nickel and copper levels from over 400 samples collected to date.

Modelling of the new Oculus Prospect MLEM data has identified two additional plates with conductance values between 5,000 – 10,000 Siemens.

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