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Colin Hay

Galileo Mining Ltd (ASX: GAL) has commenced RC drilling north of the exciting Callisto deposit at the company’s 100% owned Norseman project in Western Australia.

“Campaign drilling at our Norseman project is underway as we aim to make further discoveries in this new mineral province,” Galileo Managing Director Brad Underwood said.

“The Callisto deposit is the first of its kind in the area and we believe the potential for additional mineralisation is highly significant. The current targets are between one and five kilometres along strike from Callisto and each has a favourable geophysical signature prospective for sulphides.

“Our exploration strategy follows a cyclical pattern with campaign drilling, review and interpretation of results, integration of new information, and then follow up drilling. We believe this cycle of exploration activity gives us the best opportunity of making further discoveries.

“We look forward to the results of the current round of drilling as we seek to unlock the potential of a newly discovered mineral province.”

Drill targets are based on follow up IP results from geophysical work at the Callisto North prospect which confirmed large and strong chargeable responses on lines 6,452,000 and 6,453,200.

Additional surveying on infill line 6,449,100 identified a substantial IP anomaly just one km north of the Callisto deposit.

Data from this line clearly implies the rocks have been structurally modified and are dipping to the west at this location. By comparison the Callisto deposit is flat lying before dipping to the east.

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