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Colin Hay

GreenTech Metals (ASX: GRE) has engaged a drilling contractor for its follow-up staged drill programme at the Whundo Cu-Zn project in Western Australia, which is anticipated to commence in the coming weeks.

The program aims to identify and where possible quantify new resources with the targeting guided by an extensive project review completed in early-May which identified the potential for significant expansion of the existing Whundo/Ayshia Mineral Resource.

The staged campaign will comprise ~2,200m of reverse circulation (RC) drilling, with follow- up downhole electromagnetic (DHEM) surveys planned for selected holes. The results of the DHEM surveys will assist in the planning of follow-up drill holes.

“We are excited to get this drill program underway which will test compelling targets in the Whundo VMS cluster. Having just entered into an alliance with ANAX Metals to assess potential pathways to develop Whundo, there isn’t a better time than now to expand the resource base,” Executive Director, Tom Reddicliffe, said.

“With copper prices having increased some 30% over the past 6 months and predicted to continue to rise reflecting the increasing demand GreenTech is well placed to benefit from these substantial tailwinds.”

Planned drilling will focus on the under-explored mineralised prospects at Austin, Shelby, Yannery and Ayshia.

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