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AusIMM’s Thought Leadership Series

AusIMM’s Thought Leadership Series

Following on from the highly successful 2022 Series that explored the key drivers of change, AusIMM’s 2023 Thought Leadership Series will shift the focus forward, to investigate what the industry must do to effect meaningful change.

The 2023 theme Sustainable Mining: Shifting the Paradigm recognises that the resources sector is committed to change but with increasing external pressures, the required pace and breadth of that change will be unprecedented. What does a transition to a sustainable mining industry mean for companies, suppliers, and resources professionals? How can the sector adapt to meet the increasing demands of society and what role will it play in the future of the communities where it operates?

From June - November, the online Limited Series will focus on four strategic topics, exploring what the future of the resources sector might look like and what must happen to get there.